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This website is intended to serve patients who want information on acupuncture (see Acupuncture FAQ and Patient Corner sections), students and professional acupuncturists who are seeking articles written by Avi or information about this style (see Professional Corner), as well as practitioners of meditation and mindfulness (see Meditation & Mindfulness section).  For professional Continuing Education credits, please visit the AcuVidya website.

For over 25 years Avi has been offering a unique, results-oriented style of acupuncture. This no-nonsense approach has made him a leader in the field. He now practices in Portsmouth NH.

Avi utilizes special palpatory diagnostic techniques and a comprehensive holistic approach which provide the space that facilitates healing, freeing us from problems of the past and allowing us to achieve true heath.

Going the extra mile makes miracle cures become an every day occurrence.

Avi's teaching schedule is posted for both Dharma teaching and professional acupuncture education in Portsmouth NH, in the U.S. and abroad.

Acupuncture teaching videos by Avi are posted for the use of professional acupuncturists and students.