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How soon before I see results?

You should see some results during your first treatment, at least in terms of the clearing of the abdomen, which indicates that health is being restored.

For complaints involving pain, the results are usually obvious within the first treatment, and it is quite common for patients to come experiencing pain and leave totally pain free. Internal disorders (e.g., gynecological complaints), intermittent disorders, or those that involve symptoms that cannot be reproduced in the treatment room, may be slower to improve. The success of the treatment is evaluated based on how easy it is to clear abdominal reflexes, and your own observations during the week that follows the treatment.
Most conditions are initially treated once per week. Conditions involving extreme pain may rarely require more frequent treatments for a short period. I definitely expect you to see some clear results, though not necessarily a complete cure, within four to five treatments.
Often patients will feel the maximum effects of acupuncture for the first few days after acupuncture. A good rule of thumb is that once the results of acupuncture treatment can be maintained for the entire week between treatments, the interval between treatments can be increased to two weeks. Once the results are maintained for two weeks, the interval is increased to three or four weeks. Once this level of continuity has been achieved, you may only need maintenance treatments every couple of months or seasonally.