Doctors and allied health professionals encounter many patients who are seeking "natural" treatments and choices. Patients who are not improving with their current treatment regimens often experience excellent results with acupuncture. Acupuncture is especially effective for pain management, and can also successfully address the secondary symptoms of many complex diseases.  However, because the medical and the acupuncture fields are not yet integrated, many doctors do not know where to turn to find good, competent, and experienced acupuncturists. Many acupuncturists rely heavily on herbal prescriptions, raising concerns over drug interactions. Chinese medicine employs a metaphorical language that often seems esoteric and mysterious to other professionals, making communication difficult.  The Acupuncture Medical Group offers a solution.

Although I am well versed in classical Chinese medical theory and techniques, I use modern terminology. Therefore, as much as possible, I correlate classical concepts to modern physiology and pathology, allowing easier communication with both patients and other health care providers.

I am engaged first and foremost in the practice of acupuncture. I prescribe herbs only with the full knowledge and support of the patient's referring physician. In most cases, acupuncture is effective on its own.

Most importantly, I focus on getting the results patients and physicians seek. My reputation is built on my quick and lasting results, which is why other acupuncturists pursue advanced studies with me.

Treating Patients With Success:

I treat all disorders, from acute pain due to sports injuries to chronic, degenerative diseases, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. Because Acupuncture works to bring the body into equilibrium, it can be applied to almost any disorder. Medicine is not an exact science, therefore results cannot be guaranteed, yet I am always willing to try and help any and all patients. I especially welcome challenging and stubborn cases as those challenge me to a greater level of fine detective work.

Conditions routinely treated with Acupuncture:

• Chronic and acute pain, including fibromyalgia and RSI

• Asthma and allergies

• Arthritis (rheumatoid, osteo, and autoimmune)

• Thyroid and other hormonal conditions

• Nervous system disorders such as depression, insomnia, panic attacks, etc.

• Neurological disorders

• Post-stroke


• Diabetic and HIV neuropathy

• Digestive disorders

• Gynecological complaints (cysts and fibroids, endometriosis, PMS, infertility, etc.)

Professional Services

The Acupuncture Medical Group provides services geared toward educating physicians about the benefits of acupuncture, aiding you in providing your patients with easy access to these benefits. These services include:

The Acupuncture Medical Group Clinic

I accept referrals from other medical practitioners and keep in close contact with you, the treating physician. I allow you to have full participation in all treatment procedures and accept all insurance plans (that have coverage for acupuncture) as well as Workers' Compensation.

Grand Rounds and Demonstrations

Periodically, I offer Grand Rounds style presentations to groups of doctors and medical staff. I invite you to bring a patient to see how difficult cases are treated. This allows you and your colleagues to see first-hand how this style of acupuncture works to obtain immediate results. Call me to schedule a demonstration in your medical building or to bring in a patient.

Professional Classes

I offer on-going and weekend classes to professional acupuncturists, medical doctors, and other medical personnel, teaching the techniques and philosophy of acupuncture. The Acupuncturists Support Group is an approved Continuing Education provider (ABP-010) by the California Acupuncture Board.

Classes and Workshops for the General Public

I offer monthly classes for patients and the general public on a variety of health-related topics such as pregnancy care, support for diabetes, cancer and other chronic degenerative disorders, as well as classes on nutrition and lifestyle. I also offer a monthly stress reduction and meditation class.