My own class notes

These are my personal notes from classes with Kiiko Matsumoto in the past few years, and are offered for the benefit of Kiiko's fans for comparison and research purposes. These are meant for the "Kiiko Connoisseur," so to speak, meaning those already familiar with the style, having studied with Kiiko or with me. For those unfamiliar with the style I recommend starting with the Hands-on Hara Diagnosis, Kiiko's books (which can be obtained by calling 617-630-9738), and mostly live classes, as the treatment style cannot be fully transmitted on paper only.

The oldest machine-readable notes I still have  are from 1999 (I am working to convert earlier versions), and I offer that compilation for comparison so one can see the differences in the decade that followed: the style is still basically the same, but Kiiko is offering much more theory/background than previously.

Please note that these are basically my own notes and are not meant to represent Kiiko or be some "definitive source."

1999 Compilation

Boston March 2010

Los Angeles Feb 2011

Santa Cruz July 2011

Los Angeles February 2012

Santa Cruz July 2012

Los Angeles August 2012

Santa Cruz September 2012

Maryland November 2012

Santa Cruz January 2013 - Gynecology & Fertility

Los Angeles February 2013

Santa Cruz July 2013

Baltimore July 2013

San Diego October 2013