This section is meant both for patients seeking instruction on mindful living (often as a way of managing stress) as well as for meditation practitioners. The general instructions are offered in the first four sections (below), describing what mindfulness is, and then offering instruction for sitting, walking, and eating meditation.

These are followed by various postings I have offered for the local Sangha in Portsmouth NH. and are also available on

At a future date, handouts from Days of Mindfulness I offer will also become available.

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The energy of mindfulness >

Sitting Meditation >

Walking Meditation >

Eating Meditation >

Present Moment Wonderful Moment >

Creating a Pure Land >

Faith & Devotion in Buddhist Practice >

The Buddha as a Revolutionary >

Beginning Anew >

Talk from Boston retreat October 2013 -

Ted Talk on Compassion, October 2012 -

Mindfulness talk - Portsmouth, October 2015 -