Miriam Lee's 22 Ingredients Rice

Miriam Lee’s 22 ingredient rice formula is an example of using Chinese herbs as food while keeping therapeutic purity. This rice formula tonifies and cleanses the digestive system and is well balanced. Some of its “side effects” may include the passage of odorless gas and stronger smelling urine. These indicate that the digestive system is being opened up.

There are 7 Chinese herbs which you can get Chinese groceries in China town by the pound or at an herb store/pharmacy where they will measure 9gm of each herb and put them in a bag, ready to be used. (You can cut and paste the list of herbs, including the Chinese characters and print them out - most Chinese pharmacies will only understand those characters and not the latin/botanical name.)

The ingredients are:

brown rice, 10 (ten) tablespoons

black beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

pinto beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

aduki beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

pine nuts, 1 (one) tablespoon

mung beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

split peas, 1 (one) tablespoon

soy beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

black eyed beans, 1 (one) tablespoon

cornmeal, 1 (one) tablespoon

barley, 1 (one) tablespoon

millet, 1 (one) tablespoon

buckwheat, 1 (one) tablespoon

oats, 1 (one) tablespoon

peanuts (it is best to split and remove the nip), 1 (one) tablespoon

Fu Ling (poria - 茯苓) 9gm

Shan Yao (dioscorea -山药) 9gm

Lian Zi (lotus seed -莲子) 9gm

Qian Shi (euryales -欠实) 9gm

Mai Men Dong (ophipogon -麦门冬) 9gm

Bai He (lily bulb -百合) 9gm

Bai Guo (ginko nut -白果) 9gm

– it is recommended to dry fry the ginko first and then remove the skin, which why I often replace it with Chinese wolfberries (Gou Qi Zi 枸杞子)

Put all the ingredients in a pot. Cover with 9 cups of water, bring to a boil then reduce the flame and simmer for 45-60 minutes (just as you would cook rice).

Eat one cup twice a day. You can add salt, miso or other seasoning.

Use this rice mix as your main staple to which you add vegetables, etc.