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Please fill out the intake form, print it out and bring on your first appointment.  The form opens in a new tab.  Portsmouth NH office intake form >


The Yerba Buena Acupuncture Health Workbook A Practical Guide to Health, published in 1998 to aid people understand their own health and health choices. These are exercises and recommendations I often give my clients and constitute my basic view on health and healing.  Download as a PDF >

The Pregnancy Workshop and Discussion Handout  This PDF available to help women in the process of planning a pregnancy and was compiled for a workshop I offered with Shelley Ochs in San Francisco in 2001.  Download as a PDF >


Avi's Dark Leafy Green Soup >

Miriam Lee's 22 Ingredient Rice >

Chinese Herbs for reducing Hypertension >

Cooking Chinese Herbs >


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