In 1992 I founded the Acupuncturists Support Group in San Francisco, to promote education and collaboration amongst acupuncturists. The ASG routinely sponsored seminars with Jeffrey Yuen, Elisabeth Rochat, Kiiko Matsumoto, Jian Fu Jiang, and many others. As a result colleagues would often ask for technical advice or explanations on these masters’ styles, and the articles offered below followed.

I do not regard the information provided as mine: it becomes yours when it becomes part of who you are and how you practice, thus copyrighting is not enforced. In the case of unpublished articles, please note that these had not been fully edited.   Videos of classes are also available here.

Avi Treatting

Meditations on the Meridians

These articles are based on the work of Jeffrey Yuen. They are meant to encourage us to deepen our understanding of the meridian system.

Deepen your understanding

Avi’s teaching videos

In an effort to share the knowledge that I offer in classes, some of my teaching venues are posted below as videos. Be aware that you might not be seeing the entire class due to patient privacy considerations

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Hands on Hara Diagnosis

These articles illustrate the techniques I use in a practical manner. The technical style was originally based on my work with Kiiko Matsumoto.

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