Avi's Teaching Videos

Avi explaining acupuncture

Teaching videos for acupuncturists utilizing Kiiko Matsumoto and Jeffrey Yuen Style

In an effort to share the knowledge that I offer in classes, some of my teaching venues are posted below. Be aware that you might not be seeing the entire class due to patient privacy considerations.

If you wish to receive continuing education credits for viewing these videos, please visit the AcuVidya project

Kiiko Style Basics, the Avi Way, A Systemic Approach - recommended for those with no previous exposure to the style

Kawai Style Acupuncture - a power point presentation with practical treatment demonstrations

Leiden, Netherlands, March 2017 videos

Reading, UK - a la carte class - October 2016 videos

San Francisco October 2016 videos

Reading, England April 2016 (3 day class) videos

Dao of Palpation, San Francisco, Halloween 2015 videos

Postural Alignment, York UK, May 2015 videos

Finding the Root, San Francisco, April 2015 videos

Treating the Shen, Tel Aviv, March 2015 videos

Gynecological cases, Indonesia, January 2015 videos

England October, 2014 videos

San Francisco November 2013 class videos

San Francisco April 2013 class videos

Toronto, December 2012 class videos

Santa Cruz circa 2001 (note the quality of both sound and picture are rather poor)

Intro class, San Francisco, December 2014 This is the first 2 hours of a three hour class

Lessons on direct moxa (okyu) - or "Size does not matter, Tightness does"

As things continuously change and evolve, you may see or hear things that will be corrected or improved upon later. I offer a different understanding at different classes in accordance with my own stance at the time as well as the needs of participants.

These recordings are not meant to be “definitive” and were not made to professional standards. They are merely a tool for those who are unable to attend a class to still be able to get something that resembles it.